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Pro/am tournament

Thursday the 21st of February the Tivoli Hotel will host the pro/am prior to the Copenhagen Bridge Invitational. All players participating in the main event will be available as partners sold by auction.


A bid must be minimum DKK 1500,- and includes drinks and canapees before and after the tournament in the company of all the other players and His Royal Highness Prince Consort of Denmark.

The auction opens on the 1st of december 2012 and closes on Sunday the 17th of February at 22.00 CET.


Bids shall be made by email to Christina Lund Madsen christina@bridge.dk. If a bid is exceeded, the bidder will receive a notification. Read more about the auction conditions.

Note: In case of bids in the last 5 minutes before the auction closes, 15 minutes will be added for that particular player, which will be repeated should yet another bid arrive wthin the last 5 minutes. This is common practice on online auctions to secure the rights of the outbidden.


Attention: Now it is possible to play with a partner of your own choice. However due to limited space at the playing venue, there is only room for two extra pairs. The seats will be sold on auction as the pro players. See details below.


Player Presentations

Below you will find a presentation of the professional players available for the auction.

Note: The players unavailable for bidding have been chosen as partners by a sponsor of the event. See the auction conditions.






Per-Ola Cullin, Sweden

Just had his major breakthrough at the World Mind Sports Games in Lille, where he was on the gold-winning swedish team.

Was always considered a huge talent and is right now one of the hottest names in bridge in his partnership with Peter Bertheau.

Has a fearless and unimpressed approach to the game that will place him among the best in the world during the next decade.

A district court judge trainee with excellent danish skills and a retired charmeur now living with his girlfriend and their two-year old daughter Alma.


2200 DKK



Michael Fiorini


Peter Bertheau, Sweden

One of the winners of the 1st CBI and for many years an established bridge star. However after the victory in the World Mind Sports Games his popularity exploded and his name was on all lips due to some spectacular boards, including bluffing his way to seven hearts to prevent the opponents from making a cheap save in seven spades.

Not surprisingly he is also a skilled pokerplayer, although he according to his own expression often gets "fed up" with it, which has never happened with bridge.

It is less apparent and only known in certain circles that he is also a very skilled dancer...


Closed for bidding



Nils Foss



Johan Upmark, Sweden

Having long been lurking in the shadow of the well-reputed swedish professionals, Johan Upmark has now grasped his chance and jumped a level to be among the world's best.

Winning the World Bridge Games in Lille partnering Fredrik Nyström is the provisional highlight of his bridge career.  

A thoughtful declarer, who received the following remark from a BBO-commentator after a brilliant declarer play during the semifinals in Lille: "He can no longer be called a rising star, he has alredy risen."


Closed for bidding



Lennart Pettersson



Fredrik Nyström, Sweden

The other half of the wining pair from the 1st CBI in 2010 and the fourth hero of Sweden's gold-winning team. Professional bridgeplayer since he and former partner Peter Bertheau as juniors grasped the opportunity of a lifetime playing in the United States as professionals. Sweden owes a great deal of its fine reputation in bridgecircles to Nyström's merits.

Since 2011 he is partnering Upmark, and together the two gentle men make the nicest pair in the world.

And, as many of his countrymen, he has always had a soft spot for Denmark.


Closed for bidding



Karin Arnstedt



Zia Mahmood, USA

The man hardly needs an introduction. The charismatic Pakistani is perhaps the most famous bridge player in the world, equally known for his imaginative play and sparkling personality.

In 1981 Pakistan, a small nation bridgewise, reached the final of the Bermuda Bowl, and it was obvious to the world to whom they owed their success.

Since the early 90'es Zia has represented the United States, winning the World Championship in 2009.

He is extremely popular among the kibitzers because he enjoys joking and involving them in his thoughts during the play.

And you can be certain that Zia is always the best-dressed mand of the room.


15.000 DKK



Jørgen Overgaard-Hansen


Boye Brogeland, Norway

Though he looks as young as ever, Brogeland's list of merits is longer than the articles he writes. Next to his career as a bridge professional he is the editor of a popular Norwegian bridge magazine.

He has been part of the team during all Norway's bridge triumphs, both as a junior and adult. He is a world champion, a European champion and even a mix champion - partnering his wife, who also represents Norway on the women's side.

At the CBI he sits opposite Zia, to whom the most important quality of a partner is to be able to smile, so Boye must be the perfect match.


Closed for bidding



Terkel Lund-Nielsen



John Carroll, Ireland

A participant at the 1st CBI who is eagerly counting the days till the opening of the 2nd edition.

Carroll has been a regular of the Irish open team since his junior days. In 2006 he was on the team when Ireland won silver at the European Championships, only surpassed by mighty Italy. He was also part of the heroic Irish team that fought their way to the semifinals of the 2012 World Bridge Games, only to lose their place on the podium to Monaco.

His partnership with Tommy Garvey is older than his marriage, partly due to a common interest for Danish beer and an irresistible sense of Irish humour making them the natural choice for an evening in good company.


2000 DKK



Lone Kiær


Tommy Garvey, Ireland

Partnering John Carroll on the Irish open team for the past 15 years with European silver in 2006 as the favourite result so far.

At the 2012 World Bridge Games Ireland was first pick for the round of 16 by hitherto unconquerable Germany. The doubtful honour was received with much amusement by Garvey and his team; not least after sending the Germans home. Russia suffered the same destiny, but Poland revenged it's neighbours in the semifinal. In the play off mighty Monaco punctured the Irish dream of a medal, leaving Garvey and his teammates at the honourable, however empty fourth spot.

Next to bridge Garvey is struggling to attend both his career and family life. He just had his second child, hence looking much forward to a few nights of uninterrupted sleep in Copenhagen...


2200 DKK



Ulla Clausen


Jon Baldursson, Iceland

An Icelandic bridge legend. Baldursson is to Iceland what Zia is to Pakistan. In 1991, ten years after Pakistan amazingly won the world silver, Iceland did the impossible and claimed the Bermuda Bowl leaving the rest of the world fallen at their feet. 

Baldursson was proclaimed the star of the team, and to state that this was not a coincidence, he won his second world championship in 1994, this time in the rare individual category, and his third in 1996, winning the 1st world mixed team championship.

A brilliant player, whose reputation only suffers by the fact that Iceland is no longer a part of Denmark.


2000 DKK



Bill Hemsworth


Thorlakur Jonsson, Iceland

Iceland is a nation of only 320.000 inhabitants; however within two sports they continue to claim their place among countries with cities the size of Iceland: Handball and bridge.

Jonsson represents the strong Icelandic bridge tradition as part of the gold-winning Bermuda Bowl-team from 1991. Partnering Baldursson they are a highly recognised pair, representing Iceland at the latest World Championship twenty years after their great triumph and once again managed to qualify their tiny country for the quarterfinal, although this time less successful, since they lost the match to the Dutch who proceeded to win the tournament. 


1700 DKK



Henrik Frydenlund Rosthøj


Thomas Bessis, France

The biggest talent ever in french bridge. Despite his young age he has won more championships that the best in the world win during a lifetime.

He is a european champion, a world champion and known for his ability to win on any team with any partner due to his solid bridge, mild temper and french charm.

As a junior he won an award for the best play of a hand, and the prize was to play a tournament with the great Zia Mahmood. Rumours whisper that nowadays Zia is hoping to win a tournament with the young Thomas...


Closed for bidding


Appointed to His Royal Highness the Prince Consort of Denmark


Michel Bessis, France

Father and partner of Thomas Bessis. Normally playing with family is not recommended for most bridge players, but in the case of Michel Bessis, playing with family has brought him three European championships and one world championship.

Partnering his wife, a former star of the French ladies' team, he has won two European mixed team championships, and with his son a European and a world team championship - in the same year!

Thomas used to be known as the son of Veronique & Michel Bessis, but in recent years they have become used to being known as the parents of Thomas Bessis...


2500 DKK



Lars Mathiesen 


Frederic Wrang, Sweden

Wrang is the unofficial fifth player of the Swedish open team. The man the Swedish captain calls when he is in trouble. Wrang is a popular and very recognised partner internationally.

For the same reason he has been partnering Juan Carlos Ventin of Argentina for the past years, participating successfully in a wide range of strong international tournaments, among them the American Nationals.

Among his most prominent results is his bronze medal in the European Open Championships in 2007.


2000 DKK



Håkan Wallmark


Juan Carlos Ventin, Argentina

The gentleman of the field. A participant at the 1st CBI partnering Frederic Wrang from Sweden. Has represented Spain successfully since 1980 with silver medals in both the European Junior and Open Team Championships.

Since 2005 he is representing Argentina. He has a business career next to bridge, however within what his time allows him, he travels the world to participate in the most prestiguos tournaments such as the American Nationals, often with the Swedish players as teammates.


1800 DKK

(Auction was extended to 22:15)



Søren Fischer



Josef Piekarek, Germany

Probably the most successful German open player in the past decade. Continuously strong results in all international events, first with Tomasz Gotard, who he is partnering in the CBI, and since 2007 with his young partner Alexander Smirnov.

In the strongest European Championships ever, Germany snatched the last qualifying spot for the World Championships in Bali, and in Lille Germany impressed again by winning the initial round robin. However their choice of Ireland as opponents was a major set back as they lost the match narrowly.

Piekarek will have the option of revenge as he once again faces the Irish during the 2nd CBI.


2000 DKK



Preben Schmidt


Tomasz Gotard, Germany

Originally from Poland, but has represented Germany his whole adult life. Together with Josef Piekarek a very successful pair of the German national team in the recent past, winning the European Champions' Cup in 2006 as their highlight.

Has only represented his home country Poland once however successfully winning the European Youth Championship in 1982. 

One of the rare bridge players who has the personal abilities to play mix bridge with his wife for decades...



Closed for bidding



Dorota Liberski



Michael Barel, Israel

Made his debut in 1994 as member of the Israeli junior team. Since then Barel has represented the Israeli open team on many occasions. He has won several medals including silver at the Open European Championships in 2009 and bronze at the European Championships the following year.

He was part of the Israeli team for the World Championships in 2011 when Israel lost to USA1 in the quarterfinal.

For many years he was the captain of the Israeli junior Team. Since 2012 he has captained the women's team, who has developed substantially under his guidance and suprisingly qualified for the World Championships on Bali in 2013.


1700 DKK



Helle Rasmussen


Yaniv Zack,  Israel

A calm and focused player who used to spend his summers traveling  the world representing the Israeli junior team. His last performance on the team was the dramatic bronze match against Denmark at the World Junior Championship in 1999, which Israel lost by a margin of 1,5 imps.

Since 2004 Zack has represented Israel on the open team partnering Michael Barel resulting in silver at the Open European Championships in 2009 and bronze at the European Championships the following year.

In 2011 Zack was on the Israeli team that qualified for the quarterfinal of the Bermuda Bowl.


2000 DKK


Went to HC Graversen for the benefit of

Danish Juniorbridge



Malene Holm Christensen


Björn Fallenius, Sweden

A Swedish bridge legend who kept his country among the world top teams during the 80'es and 90'es. In the beginning of the new millenium he settled in the USA and entered a highly successful partnership with fellow CBI-participant Roy Welland and as a consequence Fallenius represented the USA for years.

In 2009 he paired up with fellow Swedish bridgestar Peter Fredin and returned to represent his home country.

Fallenius' good nature and ability to exclude all outside obstacles has resulted in the formation of a leathal Swedish pair who won European gold at their first appearance.


2300 DKK



Peter Rasmussen


Peter Fredin, Sweden

Equally known for his brilliancy and controversy. His unpredictable bidding makes him a dangerous opponent and his subtle humour a favoured partner for players with calm nerves. 

He has a bunch of international silver medals, but finally struck gold in his partnership with Björn Fallenius winning the European open pairs in 2009.

Due to his former Danish girlfriend he has been a regular in Danish bridge tournaments for years and understands the language like a native, however still insists on speaking his mother tongue.  


Closed for bidding



Kell Krogh



Sabine Auken, Denmark

Perhaps the greatest female bridge star of all time. She has won everything there is to win - more than once. In pursuit of challenges she is nowadays only playing in open competitions fighting to prove that women can be equal to men at the bridgetable.

Originally from Germany, but her marriage to Jens Auken brought her to Denmark, where she still resides with her two teenage boys, now a dear friend of her former husband. Although she has faithfully represented Germany, the Danes still like to think of her as Danish...

Both in bridge and privately she is partnering Roy Welland and no doubt her cheerful disposition takes part of the credit for their success in breaking the ancient rule of not playing with your partner in crime.


Closed for bidding



Dorte Krak



Roy Welland, USA

For years playing captain of one of the most successful teams in American bridge history, winning all imaginable national titles. As a twist of irony his most outstanding international result is his title as Open European Mix Champion in 2003.

From time to time struggling to find time for both his bridge and business career. However having Sabine Auken as his life partner has brought him back on the bridge track.

Although a modest consumer himself Welland is a wine enthusiast with an outstanding collection and owner of a vineyard in Italy.

His soft humour and outstanding manners make him the perfect partner for an evening, since he is now occupied for life.


Closed for bidding



Oliver Rosager



In cooperation with

Danish Juniorbridge


Bjarni Holmar Einarsson, Iceland

The man who carries the weight of Icelands bridge future on his shoulders. The former Icelandic world champions are aging, but with Einarsson there is hope of keeping Iceland among the top bridge nations of the world.

He has been on the Icelandic open team since the end of his junior days and represented Iceland at the Bermuda Bowl in 2011, but lost the quarterfinal to the Dutch winners of the tournament.

In his early twenties Einarssons charm could be slightly overwhelming for sensitive women; however like good wine, Einarsson improves with age and today the young lawyer is most desired as a partner.


2000 DKK



Ulla Korre Pedersen


Adalsteinn Jörgensen, Iceland

World Champion in 1991 and like his countryman Baldursson Mixed World Champion in 1996. Jörgensen has been part of the Icelandic open team since 1985.

For the past years he has formed a partnership with Einarsson and through their international appearances they have been part of the revival of the Icelandic bridge legends. Both in 2011 and 2012 they won a prestigious London tournament with participation of some of the world greatest players, and at the American Nationals Iceland has a reputation as the dangerous outsider that knocks out the favourites.

A faithful partner whose steadiness is the perfect match for an adventurous player like Einarsson.


2000 DKK



Mette Staugaard


Marty Fleisher, USA

Already in his teenage years, Fleisher displayed a remarkable bridge talent. At the age of 17 he reached the final of a North American Championship as the youngest ever. Since he has won six North American titles and the Cavendish Pairs in 2000.

In 2011 the Fleisher team dominated American bridge and was almost pronounced with a whisper by opponents about to face them. The team won the Vanderbilt Trophy and the trials to represent the USA at the World Championships, placed just outside of the podium.

However Fleisher's talents go beyond bridge, being a highly successful attourney and investment advisor, fighting to balance his bridge and business career.


Closed for bidding



Jens Krusaa



Michael Kamil, USA

Perhaps the most amiable American bridge player. Known as a fantastic player who constantly smiles; however he might be even more famous for his sense of good sportsmanship. In 2012 he received an award as sportsman of the year and the choice was extremely popular.

He has won six North American championships and represented his country in the most recent World Championships, where Kamil and his team lost the battle for the bronze to Italy.

His passion for the game derives from his mother, who taught him as a young boy that "every hand is an adventure." 



Closed for bidding



Michael Soetmann



Michael Askgaard, Denmark

Partnering Bjarnarson since 1999 in perhaps the most succesful Danish duo in the past decade. In 2001 they claimed the bronze in the World Junior Championship and in 2002 the gold in the World University Teams.

Askgaard is the most patient partner in Denmark and despite numerous attempts Bjarnarson has not yet succeeded picking a fight with him at the bridge table. 

He is a law student fighting to finish but delayed year after year due to international bridge tournaments colliding with his exams.

Like many bridgeplayers a skilled pokerplayer and perhaps more surprisingly a very talented footballplayer in his youth.

A seemingly introvert, intelligent man and the most loyal partner imaginable.


DKK 2200



Jette Nyvang Jørgensen


Gregers Bjarnarson, Denmark

Despite his flawless manners owner of the nickname "Hekla" after the vulcano, referring not only to his icelandic roots but also his temper at the bridge table.

Bjarnarson has two bronzemedals in World Junior Championships and won the World University Teams in 2002 partnering Askgaard. Since 2006 they have been regulars on the Danish open team.

Spent most of his 20'es on bridge, occasionally interrupted by an exam. His thirties have been more dedicated to his career and for the present he is employed and living in New York.

In recent years his outbursts at the bridge table are limited to a few well-placed sarcastic remarks and his popularity means that his mother usually sees herself outbidden when her son is auctionned off.


DKK 1700



Hanne Bjarnarson


Martin Schaltz, Denmark

One of the most brilliant players ever in Denmark. At the age of 14 he won the international Levendaal Award for best play by a junior. However Martins brilliancy makes it difficult for him to find a partner to understand him, since the opponents are not the only ones to be puzzled by his imaginative play.

The expectations to his partnership with Lars Blakset are many. Some fear a collision between two great individualists, others anticipate the creation of the most gruesome pair in Danish bridge.

After bronze in 2001, silver in 2002 and 2003, he and partner Jonas Houmøller carried the Danish juniors to the top of the podium at the World Championships in 2008, playing every board of the tournament but 16.

Partnering Martin is the guarantee for an adventure. 


DKK 2100



Karsten Hansen-Nord


Lars Blakset, Denmark

The most famous bridge player in Denmark, equally due to his skills as a player and his bridge center.

Up through the 1980'es he represented Denmark partnering brother Knut on both the Danish open and junior team and always fighting in the top of the scoretable.

From the 90'es and up he has been playing on the open team with various partners. In 1996 he won olympic bronze and in 2003 and 2005 bronze at the Open European Championships.

As a bridge player he is known for his faultless declarer play and at his bridge center for his professionalism, good business sense and appreciation of good wine.


2000 DKK



Olaf Ries


Dennis Bilde, Denmark

23 year old junior and two times World Champion. Potentially Denmark's greatest future international bridge star, especially considering he doesn't have time for a job due to his bridge engagements. His biggest strength as a player is his instinctive table presence and his excellent partner skills.

At the age of 18 he was part of Denmark's victory in the World Junior Championship in 2008; however he did not succeed bringing home the gold, since he lost his medal during the celebration.  

Now he is older and wiser, and with his participation in the World Junior Individual Championship in 2010, he managed to bring home the gold all the way to Denmark.


5000 DKK



Michael Krogh Andersen


Emil Jepsen, Denmark

His partner Dennis describes him as follows: "Emil is the quiet and serious guy of the team. He is rock solid at the table. When he plays, somehow there is a guarantee of a sensible result. Perhaps because he has decided not to make mistakes. No nonsense - just bridge at a high level."

He studies chemestry at the university and his hope is that in ten years time he will be a semiprofessional bridgeplayer while he teaches at the university.

He started to play bridge at the age of 12 but still managed to find time to play tabletennis at the same high level that characterises all his occupations.


2500 DKK

(The auction was extended to 22:30)



Jørgen Nielsen


Kasper Konow, Denmark

For many years a top player in Denmark who finally made his debut on the national open team at the European Championships in the summer of 2012.

However Konow is quite familiar with international tournaments. As a junior he won European silver in 1998 and world bronze in 1999. In 2002 he won the World University Teams partnering Anders Hagen, who is also his partner today.

As a bridgeplayer he is known as a skilled technician who takes it very personal if he loses a finesse.

A high school teacher with history as his major and known for remembering every bridge result throughout time, not only in Denmark but also in international tournaments. 


1800 DKK



Eric Korre Horten


Anders Hagen, Denmark

Bronzewinner at the World Junior Championships in 1999 partnering stepbrother Gregers Bjarnarson. World University champion in 2002 partnering Kasper Konow. In the years to come Hagen did not fulfil the expectations his talent bestowed due to troubles finding the right partner match.

In 2009 he renewed his partnership with Konow. Last season belonged to Konow-Hagen and led them to represent Denmark at the European Championships.

During his 20'es he was a loudspeaking and popular bridge teacher, but a stranger to the university where he was enlisted; as he turned 30 he surprised everyone by signing up for med school and finish within record time to become a doctor.


3000 DKK


Went to Olaf Ries for the benefit of Danish Juniorbridge



Søren Bune


Tom Hanlon, Ireland

Winner of the pro/am in 2010 partnering poker star Gus Hansen. Actually it is not obvious whether Hanlon is better at bridge or poker, being a professional within both.

After his debut on the Irish junior team as a young lad in 1986, Hanlon has been hauting the Irish national teams without any remarkable results until reaching the quarterfinal of the World Team Olympiad in 2004. Since then the country has claimed its position among the favourites to enter the knockout-matches of all major tournaments, stated by the fourth place in the recent World Bridge Games.

Hanlon is the obvious choice for an entertaining evening in a relaxed atmosphere.


Closed for bidding


Playing with Gus Hansen to defend their title as winners of the CBI pro/am in 2010


Jason Hackett, England

One half of the Hackett twins, who since his victory in the Junior World Championship in 1995 has been a beloved partner and terrifying opponent in rubber bridge circles in England.

The same trait of fearlessness is characterising his poker play, so if you prefer to keep your money in your pocket, play neither against Jason Hackett.

Being in his company is highly entertaining to the limited part of the world population to understand his Manchester dialect.


2000 DKK



Trine Binderkrantz


Jens Auken, Denmark

It is with great pleasure we welcome Jens Auken, one of the most winning players in Danish bridge history. But more importantly, perhaps the main reason for the 2nd CBI being a reality. However Auken had hardly any hope of participating himself when he encouraged the Danish Bridge Federation to host the tournament. At this moment he is recovering from a double lung transplant necessary to save his life. To spare his strengths he will not be participating at the pro/am.

Auken has won 13 international medals, including two European gold medals and two World Team Olympiad bronze medals, several of them with his former wife and close friend Sabine Auken.


Closed for bidding


Will not be participating in the pro/am-tournament


Søren Christiansen, Denmark

The best partner in Denmark. Christiansen (known as SC) can play with anyone. During the years he has been engaged in several successful partnerships and entered the national team with all of them. He took bronze at the World Team Olympiad in 1996 with his present partner Jens Auken as teammate.

As an occupation he runs his own bridgecenter with his wife and their dog.

He has the most contagious laugh in the country and once uttered the following words of wisdom: "Riesling goes with anything."


Closed for bidding



 Pernille Foss


David Bakhshi, England

Fell in love with the game at the age of 15 and has represented England on both the junior and national team. In 2005 he won European bronze and at the most recent European Championships he was part of the English team that qualified for the World Championships in Bali, where Bakhshi is also on the team.

He is a bridge teacher and a professional player with a wide range of different partners - not because he cannot keep a partner, rather since his gentle disposition makes him so popular.

Though he has dedicated his life to bridge, he still managed to squeeze in a psychology degree that is of much use to him as a bridge professional...


2300 DKK



Lene Fiorini



David Gold, England

Despite his young age one of the most well-renowned English bridge players. Gold has been a rock on the English open team since his debut at the age of 25. He captured bronze at the Open European Championships in 2005 and silver at the World Bridge Games in 2008.

At the age of 19 he decided to quit wasting his time on obstacles like math studies and only focus on bridge. As Bakhshi he will represent England at the coming World Championships. If anyone were to make a popularity contest among top bridge players, David & David would undoubtedly end on top.


2600 DKK



Nadia Koch


Play with a partner of your own choice


This am/am seat has been bought by a sponsor of the tournament.


Closed for bidding


Helle Krogh and Nadia Bekkouche



Play with a partner of your own choice

Bring your favourite partner along to challenge the stars. Participation includes drinks and canapées before and a late night buffet after the tournament for both players.

Since space at the venue is limited, only two of this kind of seats for the pro/am will be auctioned off, since a third has been bought by a sponsor. As the pro players the seats will be sold to the highest bidder. Minimum bid for the pair is DKK 3.000


6000 DKK


Stig Farholt & Mathias Bruun


Play with a partner of your own choice

Bring your favourite partner along to challenge the stars. Participation includes drinks and canapées before and a late night buffet after the tournament for both players.

Since space at the venue is limited, only two of this kind of seats for the pro/am will be auctioned off, since a third has been bought by a sponsor. As the pro players the seats will be sold to the highest bidder. Minimum bid for the pair is DKK 3.000


6100 DKK


Lars Peter Damgaard & Nils Mønsted


In addition to the above participants, ten Danish club pairs (one from each bridge district within the Danish Bridge Federation) have won the right to compete in the Pro/am-tournament. The pairs were found among all participants at the Klubsølv (Club Silver) tournament hosted by the Danish Bridge Federation in the autumn of 2012. See the club pairs among the participants.



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