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Neighbour Challenge

Neighbour Challenge is a tournament between the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands designed to provide top level practice for the open and women's teams of each country. The Danish Bridge Federation made the initiative for the first Neighbour Challenge in 2013. The ambition is to make this event yearly and serve as warm up for the European and World Team Championships.

In 2014 the Israeli Women are participating instead of the German Women, who were not able to send a team this year.

Conditions of Contest


Link to results from 2014 
(The Bridgemate-results from 2013 are on the same link)

Total butler (multi in Danish) for women and open Saturday
Total butler (multi in Danish) for women and open Sunday

Link to pictures from 2013 (only available with a Facebook-profile)

Link to the BBO-presentation of the event (pictures of all players, detailed vugraph-schedule and convention cards)

Time schedule

Friday 26th IMP pairs (27-33 boards)

Saturday 27th (20 board matches, RR)
Match 1: 11:00 – 13:50
Lunch 13:50 – 14:30
Match 2: 14:30 – 17:15
Match 3: 17:30 – 20:15
Dinner for all participants
Sunday 28th (16 board matches, RR)
Match 4: 09:30 – 11:45
Lunch 11:45 – 12:30
Match 5: 12:30 – 14:45
Match 6: 15:00 – 17:15
17:30 Short prize giving Ceremony
BBO-Schedule (subject to change)

Saturday April 26th
Round 1: Women Denmark – Netherlands
Round 2: Open Germany – Denmark
Round 3:  Open Denmark – Sweden
Sunday April 27th
Round 4: Women Sweden – Israel
Round 5: Open Denmark – Netherlands
Round 6:  Open Sweden – Netherlands


The contestants in the 2014 Neighbour Challenge:
(See convention cards by clicking the player names)

Sweden Open
Peter Bertheau – Per-Ola Cullin
Johan Upmark – Fredrik Nyström
Frederic Wrang – Johan Sylvan
Captain: PG Eliasson

Sweden Women
Sandra Rimstedt – Emma Sjöberg
Jessica Larsson – Kathrine Bertheau
Maria Grönkvist – Catharina Ahlesved
Kapten: BG Olofsson
Coach: Carina Westlin

Netherlands Open
Joris van Lankveld – Berend van den Bos
Ricco van Prooijen – Louk Verhees
Magdalena Ticha – Richard Ritmeijer
Captain: Onno Eskes
Coach: Ton Bakkeren

Netherlands Women
Marion Michielsen – Meike Wortel
Martine Verbeek - Betty Speelman
Captain: Alex van Reenen
Coach: Hans Kelder

Denmark Open
Michael Askgaard – Kasper Konow
HC Graversen – Henrik Caspersen
Captain: Peter Schaltz
Coach: Jan Nielsen

Denmark Women
Helle Rasmussen – Lone Bilde
Signe Thomsen – Bettina Kalkerup
Christina Lund Madsen – Anne-Sofie Houlberg
Captain: Bjarke Friis

Germany Open
Jörg Fritsche – Roland Rohowsky
Sabine Auken – Roy Welland (Only Saturday)
Josef Piekarek – Tomasz Gotard
Captain: Thomas Gotard

Israel Women
Michal NOSATZKI - Nathalie SAADA
NPC: Michael BAREL

Tournament Director: Jacob Duschek

BBO: Jan Nielsen and Christian Larsen

Winners of the Neighbour Challenge 2013: The Netherlands Women