January 19-22 2017


Copenhagen Bridge Invitational
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Pro/am Auction Conditions

1. All the participants of the main event will be available as partners sold by auction
2. The pro/am tournament is open to bridge players of all skill levels
3. Bids can be made via email to christina@bridge.dk or text message to +45 26 24 80 20. Bidders will receive a notification if they are outbidden
4. The minimum bid is DKK 1500,-. A competing bid must be DKK 100,- higher than the preceding bid
5. A bidder can decide to bid anonymously or publicly. In case of the latter the name of the bidder will be displayed on the website next to the name of the player the bid has been placed on
6. In case of two identical bids the first bid is valid. The other party will receive a notification. In case of bids in the last 5 minutes before the auction closes, 15 minutes will be added for that particular player, which will be repeated should yet another bid arrive wthin the last 5 minutes.
7. If a bidder ends up with more than one pro by the end of the auction due to multiple bids, the bidder will have two pros to dispose of since all bids are binding
8. The auction opens the 12th of December 2016 and closes on Sunday 15th of January 2017 at 22.00 CET. Bids received after this hour will not be valid
9. It is possible to place a blind bid and receive guidance regarding whom to choose. Please contact christina@bridge.dk 
10. In addition to participation in the pro/am, the auction fee includes drinks and canapees before and a midnight buffet after the tournament and prizes to the best placed pairs
11. Sponsors of the event have the right to participate in the pro/am with a partner according to their wish and contribution. The chosen player will no longer be available for the public auction
12. Payment is due before playing time at the night of the pro/am


Danmarks Bridgeforbund - T: 4847 5213 - F: 4847 6213 - E: dbf@bridge.dk