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Nordic Online Teams Championship 2021


The Nordic Online Teams Championship 2021 will take place Saturday and Sunday, May 29. and 30., 2021 from about 10.00 to 19.00 (Danish/Norwegian time) both days.

The championship will include the following classes:

  • Open
  • Women
  • Seniors
  • Mixed
  • Juniors under 16
  • Juniors under 26

The junior classes will substitute the Nordic championship normally taking place at Easter.​

The championship will be held at RealBridge, hosted by the Norwegian account. Results are posted via Ruter. Jacob Duschek from Denmark will serve as chief tournament director.


Championship format

  • All classes are played as a double round robin, so every team will play 10 matches.
  • 12 boards are played in all matches.
  • Up to 8 players are allowed on each team.
  • A player can participate in more than one class.
  • Duplicated boards are used in all classes.
  • Screens are used in all classes.
  • Self alert is used in all classes.
  • Microphone and camera are mandatory. It is the responsibility of the players to make sure that their internet connection is stabile.
  • All pairs must have an international convention card. Furthermore, everyone is asked to briefly state their system and carding at the beginning of each round.
  • The tournament has no prizes.

The format is subject to change in case of for instance fewer participating teams. 

Read the Conditions of contest here



The results are shown via the Norwegian system Ruter. You can also find the results on RealBridge.

Please notice that there are two links for the senior sunday results because of a technical error. 

Class Ruter RealBridge - Saturday RealBridge - Sunday
Open Results Results and boards Results and boards
Women Results Results and boards Results and boards
Senior Results Results and boards Results and boards 1
Results and boards 2
Mixed Results Results and boards Results and boards
U26 Results Results and boards Results and boards
U16 Results Results and boards Results and boards



Participants and convention cards

Click here to see the participants and convention cards


A double round-robin is played in each class, 12 boards per match. The time allotted for each match is 95 minutes. The following timetable applies both days:

Timetable both days                                                                                                                     
10.00 - 11.35 Round 1   
11.45 - 13.20 Round 2   
13.20 - 14.00 Break  
14.00 - 15.35 Round 3   
15.45 - 17.20 Round 4  
17.30 - 19.05 Round 5  


Staff during the tournament

Jacob Duschek Chief tournament director                                                                     
Harald Berre Skjæran Chief technical director and assisant tournament director
Torsten Ørhøj Assistant tournament director (Sunday)